OOP Python Templating Engine.

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pip3 install tem-py

If you want the latest unreleased version, clone TemPy from GitHub:

git clone https://github.com/Hrabal/TemPy.git
cd TemPy
python3 setup.py install

TemPy is available on PyPi, so you can pip it. PyPi.org

If you want to customize TemPy you can clone the main GitHub repo.

Now that you have TemPy, just import and use some tags:

from tempy.tags import Div, A


Python >= 3 is a must, there is no intention to backport this project to Python 2.7.

Python >= 3.3 is also needed, for TemPy uses the delegation to subgenerator (the yield from statement) proposed in PEP 380.

This form of yielding is used for speed and can be easily removed if you plan to use TemPy in Python 3.0 to 3.2.x , you’ll just need to substitute the yield from with a loop on the inner generator yielding single values.

Python >= 3.6 is preferred, some useful features depends on the preserved order of kwargs proposed in PEP 468.

The feature enabled by using TemPy with Python >= 3.6 is the ability to have named child tags in the correct order. Naming child tags is possible in Python < 3.6, but the tag’s order will probably not be correct.