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Tag Creation

Create DOM elements by instantiating tag classes. Those elements are nodes in the DOM tree and can be attached, detached, moved and composed together dynamically.

There are 2 other ways to create TemPy objects:

page = Html()
div = Div()

new_page = page.clone()

new_page_2 = page + div
new_page_3 = new_page_2 - div
list_of_5_divs = div * 5

TemPy Tags

TemPy provides a class for every HTML5 element defined in the W3C reference, those classes can be imported from the tempy.tags submodule.

Each Tempy Tag class is either a tempy.elements.Tag with a start tag and an end tag, that can contain something, or a tempy.elements.VoidTag that can not contain other things and is composed of a single html tag mark.

from tempy.tags import Div, Br

Div.render()  # Subclass of tempy.elements.Tag
>>> <div></div>

Br.render()  # Subclass of tempy.elements.VoidTag
>>> <br/>

A few TemPy tags have custom behavior: